Best Sewing Machines for Kids

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 Best Kids Sewing Machines

So you want to find out about the best sewing machines for kids? Which one should you get? Good question. That’s why I wrote about the best Kids sewing machines. I love to sew and my granddaughter has already expressed an interest in learning to sew. That got me to do a little research to find the best one for her. This page is the result of that research.

I think it’s such a great skill to have that if a child expresses any interest in sewing it’s worth encouraging.

So get your little fashion designer their own Kids Sewing Machine. These kids First Sewing Machines are kid safe sewing machines that teach young ones how to sew their own clothing. These are sewing machines kids can easily use because of kid friendly features. There are many great sewing machines for kids to choose from, and here you will find my recommendations for the best sewing machines for kids , and there is sure to be a perfect one to fit your little seamstress’s personality.

Types of Kids Sewing Machines

A word about the types of kids sewing machines available and the best sewing machine for kids. Chain stitch sewing machines are for very young children who don’t have eye hand coordination yet and will do easy craft projects. These little machines are sewing machines children find easy to use but they won’t do real sewing. You will have to show them how to tie off the threads at the end of the chain so the chain won’t unravel. If you don’t love sewing yourself, you might find this frustrating.

If you want a real sewing machine with traditional stitching, don’t get a chain stitch sewing machine, get a real one with bobbins and double threading. This takes longer to thread, but in the long run, will give better results and maybe keep your little one sewing. In other words, the chain stitch sewing machines are more like toys, and the others are real sewing machines.

In a hurry? Find your perfect Kids Sewing Machine, here: Best Sewing Machines for Kids

Image is the Hello Kitty kids sewing machine, available below.

“A gentle heart is tied with
an easy thread.”
~George Herbert

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Hello Kitty Chainstitch Sewing Machine
Best Sewing Machines for  Kids

 Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Deluxe Fashion CenterBest Sewing Machines for Kids

The Hello Kitty Chainstitch Sewing Machine is great for little children who are learning how to sew. A protective cover is around the needle for protection while sewing. It is easy to use, and no bobbin case is required on this sewing machine. Both of these functions are very important. I sewed a few stitches in my own finger before I mastered the art of using a sewing machine. This one is for children 6+. But you will have to teach them how to tie off their stitches at the end of the line, (or to backstitch), or the chain will unravel.
If your little one loves pink and is crafty, this adorable sewing machine might be perfect to be the first sewing machine for your child. It is one of the best sewing machines for kids who aren’t ready for a real sewing machine.

*A best sewing machine for a child.


Singer Pixie Craft Plus Sewing Machine
Best Sewing Machines for Kids

 SINGER Pixie-Plus Craft MachineBest Sewing Machines for Kids

I am very partial to Singer like many people are. I learned to sew on an antique Singer sewing machine, and my aunt has promised me I can have that one when she leaves Earth. I’ve also owned several of them. Singer speaks sewing, you know? But the chain stitch Singer doesn’t have great reviews, and besides, it’s really a toy with all the limitations of the Hello Kitty machine above. So in my mind it’s only good for really young children. The Pixie Craft sewing machine is a different story. It is often purchased by adults who want a basic sewing machine for their crafting. So it has a few more stitches than the regular beginner kids sewing machines. If your child is 8+ or is really into sewing, this one is a good sewing machine for them.

*Best kids sewing machine!

Michley 505 Lil’ Sew & Sew Plus a Sewing Kit
*A Best Kids Sewing Machine

 Michley Lil’ Sew & Sew LSS-505 Combo Mini Sewing Machine, Electrical Scissors and 100-Piece Sewing KitBest Sewing Machines for Kids

The Michley models of basic beginner sewing machines are perfect for a young child to learn how to sew. Very simple but they have bobbins and do double stitching. The first two here are the same model, one just includes a sewing kit. This is the top of the line Lil’ Sew & Sew machine that Michley makes and includes seven extra stitches beyond the basic row stitch. If your little child is really into sewing already, you might splurge on this model. But I have a budget sewing machine for kids below that too, and it’s the one I’m going to get my granddaughter.

This is one of my favorite sewing machines for children and if your child is at least 8, I think this one is great! This one comes with electric scissors and a 100 piece sewing kit, including thread, sewing needles, bobbins, pins and other essentials for sewing. There is more about it here. (cick the link)

*One of the best sewing machines for Kids!

Michley 505
Best Sewing Machines for Kids

 Michley Lil’ Sew & Sew Sewing Maching LSS-505 LXBest Sewing Machines for Kids

This one is the same as the above machine but does not include the sewing kit or the electric scissors. If you already have lots of sewing supplies and don’t mind sharing, this sewing machine is all your little seamstress needs to get started.

A note about this one, and all the best sewing machines for kids really. If you wait till November or December, they will be on sale. I have seen this model without the scissors for less than $40, yet right now as I type this it’s almost as much as the one above that comes with the sewing kit. Now that’s a no brainer, get the kit too. But if you can wait, you will save a bit of money. Just a hint about how Amazon works in regard to Christmas pricing. Many more people are shopping at that time so they are more competitive with their prices to lure you in.

*Another of the best sewing machines for kids

Michley Sew n Sew Sewing Machine
Top Rated Kids First Sewing Machine

 Michley LSS-202 Lil’ Sew & Sew Mini 2-Speed Sewing MachineBest Sewing Machines for Kids

I think if your little girl is 6 or older you should skip the chain stitch sewing machines and get a real beginner sewing machine like this one. Only $25 (or less sometimes!) and it has a bobbin thread like a real sewing machine. This is the one I am getting for my granddaughter. It works fine as a quick mending sewing machine too. Also many people buy it to do their crafts because its so cheap! I figure if the granddaughter doesn’t end up using it I will inherit it. So I would have to put this one on the list as a best kid’s sewing machine. Read  more about it here.

*One of the best sewing machines for Kids



Bratz “Design Your Own” Sewing Machine (Edition 2)
A Kids Sewing Machine Beginners Love Too!

 Bratz Design Your Own Sewing Machine (Edition 2)Best Sewing Machines for Kids

This cool Bratz sewing machine is the coolest thing the Bratz line has ever featured. It has a really sleek design and the kit includes Sewing machine, Thread, AC adaptor, Foot pedal, Working light, Bobbins, Scissors, Measuring tape, Needle threader, Extra needle, Pin cushion, Plastic stick, and Bratz fabric. It comes complete with a handy storage compartment and carrying handle for easy transportation. Young seamstresses will love creating real fashions with their very own child-sized sewing machine! It is actually perfect as a beginners sewing machine too, especially if you’re not sure this sewing thing is for you. It might get you hooked though! The only real difference between this sewing machine and a regular size one is the amount of power. Due to its small motor, it is a lot slower than a regular sewing machine. But if you are learning this can be a really good thing!

One of the coolest sewing machines for kids on this page. I have mixed feelings about the Bratz line of dolls, but I am totally sold on this kid’s sewing machine.
*Another of the best sewing machines for kids.


Alex Toys Sew Fun for Kids
One of the Best Sewing Machines for Kids


 Alex Toys Sew Fun Electric Real Sewing Machine with Activity Kitbest kids sewing machines

The Alex Sew Fun allows children to discover the delights of sewing with this easy to operate sewing machine that’s just their size. It comes with everything needed to start sewing right away. Features include adjustable stitch lengths, easy drop-in bobbin and two speeds that allow a safe and easy introduction to young sewers. The Presser foot is designed so that little hands can’t slip under it. Battery operated or use included AC adapter. Two yards of floral fabric and ribbon trim are included. For 8 years and up. One of the most popular and best sewing machines for kids!

Many good reviews of this product especially for 8+ years. Any younger and they may find it frustrating to sew on this real sewing machine with bobbins. Unless they are really into sewing and are very coordinated. Just be sure you supervise them for a while so they don’t sew up their fingers like I did. (ouch!)

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“No cord or cable can draw so forcibly, or bind so fast,
as love can do with a single thread.”

~Robert Burton

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