Janome Beach Sew Mini Sewing Machine

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Janome Beach Sew Mini Sewing Machine

The Janome Beach Sew Mini Sewing Machine is the only real sewing machine in its price range! If you are looking for a toy sewing machine, you are looking at the wrong machine. Sew Mini is made by Janome, the world’s leading manufacturer of home sewing machines. In fact, the Sew Mini is made in the same factory as Janome’s larger machines. It has many of the same helpful features, too. This is the perfect second machine for the experienced user. It’s also a great starter machine for the young enthusiast. Top loading bobbin 2 stitches 4-piece feed dog Manual thread tension control Clip on presser feet Push-pull bobbin winder Extra high presser foot lift Stitch selection dial 3 stitch width adjustments 5 stitch length adjustments Weighs only 5 lbs Available in 3 great NEW colors: Honeycomb, Beachcomber, and Merlot

Product description of the Janome Beach Sew Mini sewing machine courtesy of Amazon.com

This little sewing machine is perfect for crafting or for when you don’t want to haul out your full size sewing machine. It’s also perfect for little ones starting out as the smaller scale is easier for them. They might need supervision if they are younger than 8. Also if you do crafting and like to have a small sewing machine set up and ready for your projects it’s perfect. It’s also a very inexpensive sewing machine for beginners. This is the sewing machine I am looking at getting for my granddaughter who will be 7 very soon. I think if I have one and she has one too then it will be easy to teach her by watching what I do.


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