SINGER 1507 8-Stitch Sewing Machine with 4-Step Buttonhole

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Singer 1507 Sewing Machine with 4-Step Buttonhole

The SINGER 1507 sewing machine is an eight-stitch machine. If you are a beginner seamstress or are looking for a machine to do some basic mending and sewing, this could be the machine you need. The machine features a four-step buttonhole; two needle positions to help get your stitching in just the right spot; an easy bobbin winder; a free arm for sewing pant legs and sleeves; horizontal threading for smoother stitching; and adjustable presser foot pressure (useful for heavier fabrics). An instruction manual (in English, French, and Spanish) to show you how to get the most from your machine is included. The 1507 also has a compartment for storing the accessories and includes: a pack of needles, four bobbins, standard presser foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, zipper foot, dust cover, small bottle of oil, feed dog cover, two spool caps, stitching guide, screwdriver, and a seam ripper/lint brush.

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