SINGER Pixie-Plus Craft Machine

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SINGER Pixie-Plus Craft Machine

The SINGER Pixie Plus is the craft machine you need for all your crafting, hemming, and mending projects. Small and portable, the Pixie Plus runs on either AC power or four AA batteries (not included).

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This little crafty sewing machine is perfect for the crafty person who needs to sew for some of the projects, and for someone like me who wants an easy way to do mending fast, and for a child just learning how to sew. A favorite Singer sewing machine among crafters and a great sewing machine for beginners. However, it is not a full size sewing machine and cannot be used for heavy fabrics. It is great for lightweight fabric and for hemming or crafts. The bad reviews are from people who expect a tiny sewing machine to act like a full size sewing machine. It won’t do that. But that makes it great as a child sewing machine! They still need supervision, but it’s perfect as it sews slowly and is very lightweight.