Singer Simple Sewing Machine (23-Stitch)

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Singer Simple Sewing Machine
Model 2263 (23-Stitch)

This Singer Simple Sewing Machine is well-designed and very easy to operate. Featuring 23 different stitching patterns: 6 basic stitches, 11 decorative stitches and 5 stretch stitches built-in. This lightweight sewing machine makes it just perfect for beginners in the art of sewing. All accessories in perfect condition including friction-free spool holdlers, transparent bobbins, and a link brush cleaner for easy maintenance. This 23 stitch sewing machine is compact and requires little space for storage. Manual and Setup included.

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There are both good and bad reviews of this machine, but all the issues people have revolve around the thread tension of the bobbin. If you are new to sewing, the tension is a bit of a challenge sometimes. I would suggest reading the manual and asking an experienced seamstress how the tension is supposed to feel before giving up. Having used this Singer Simple sewing machine with no problems I think it might just be people who are not used to dealing with thread tension. Singer sewing machines are made with metal, not plastic, so they are a little heavier than some of the others but metal lasts longer. 23 stitches is enough variety that you will never need another sewing machine. This Singer Simple Sewing Machine will last you! I think it’s one of the best beginning sewing machines.