About the Toyo Hello Kitty Compact Sewing Machine KT-40

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Toyo Hello Kitty Compact Sewing Machine

Toyo sewing machine ( Toyo Seiki Kogyo ) Hello Kitty compact sewing machine KT-40

Product Description of the Toyo Hello Kitty compact sewing machine courtesy of Amazon.com

This cute sewing machine can also be used for crafts or for quick sewing repairs. It is a real sewing machine with a bobbin, and how can you resist Hello Kitty? Not only is it cute as a button (pun intended, LOL) but it’s quite the sewing machine too. There is a lot of engineering in this little marvel of a sewing machine. I want one just because of the sleek design. It really can do a lot for such a small machine. It’s the only one not made by Janome.

And can you picture it sitting in your craft room ready for projects? I certainly can! I love the idea of a small sewing machine set up and ready to go for crafts or quick repairs like when you are ready to go out and discover your button is missing or the hem is starting to unravel. No worries if you have one of these little Toyo Hello Kitty sewing machines!

Also, it only weights less than 8 pounds and is about 12 inches by 15 inches so it’s easy to pick up and take with you to a sewing date or just to another room. I think it’s just the cutest thing and would be a perfect first sewing machine for  a child that is old enough to handle a regular sewing machine as opposed to a toy sewing machine.